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Beacon Park

Maybe it's the treehouse lookout. The winding trails and open spaces. Or the shady, perfect-for-dawdling-under heritage trees. There's something about Beacon Park that inspires exploring, imagining and discovering. Qualities that come in rather handy for kids attending Beacon Park K-8, their very own neighborhood school. Beacon Park is also known for its eclectic vibe, thanks to homes that range from modern condos to traditional single-family. This neighborhood is sold out, but no worries. All the good thinking that went into Beacon Park can be found in our newest neighborhoods too.

Get a taste for the place

We'd love it if we could beam you into the future and show you just how cool our other new neighborhoods will be. But until we perfect that technology, may we suggest a drive through Beacon Park? Maybe a chat with a Neighborhoods Information Guide? While each neighborhood is unique, all are designed with the thought and care you see here.


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