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Cadence Park

Now Selling

The homes at Cadence Park are as wonderfully diverse as the people who live in them, with a wide range of eclectic and colorful mix of influences from across the United States. With dual masters, private-access suites and welcoming front porches, there is something for everyone here. Cadence Park is now open.

Parasol Park

Now Selling

Parasol Park's architecture brings a whole new energy to the community, where high-style homes meet low-key living. And the park inspires connections between nature and neighbors alike--with a sit-down-and-stay-awhile outdoor kitchen and living room, complete with its very own fireplace.

Beacon Park

Sold Out

Beacon Park offers new homes with a fresh take on American Heritage architecture, updating classic designs to fit how today's families live. The namesake park was created around the theme of navigation and discovery, which means there's plenty to do and explore. Oh, and Beacon Park is also home to Great Park Neighborhoods' first K-8 school. Consider that extra credit.

Pavilion Park

Sold Out

Pavilion Park is a place where you can put down roots, and get close to the earth, and even closer to your neighbors. It's pretty easy when you have a home with a big traditional-style front porch that encourages conversation and a yard perfect for entertaining, not to mention a neighborhood that includes everything from a greenhouse to a children's play area and pool.
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