Multi-Generation Living

06 Aug 2015

Multi-Generation Living

We lived in another Irvine neighborhood we loved, but our goal was to bring Russell’s mom in to live with us sooner than later; she was far away, and living by herself, but extremely independent and has her own active lifestyle. The community had several models that offered a separate living space, bedroom, kitchenette, and to top it off some had a separate laundry area. We were floored at what we saw.

Now that mom is living with us, we couldn’t be happier. It’s a great situation. She is in the same house, but at the same time we have separation when we want it. Many evenings, we’ll say good night and she’ll do her thing and we’ll do ours. Other nights we’ll hang out and have dinner. There’s comfort knowing that she is here with us. The neighborhood is also great for all different ages. — Russell and Ailene Chang, Great Park Neighborhoods Homeowners

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