Heritage Trees at Beacon Park

02 Dec 2015

Heritage Trees at Beacon Park

A variety of heritage trees line the streets of the Great Park Neighborhoods - of which, some trees are more than 50 years old. They have been saved and nurtured.

These trees bring back memories of the past while at the same time providing a place for future memories.

Three of our beautiful jacaranda trees surround our "treehouse" namely "The Lookout" at Beacon Park that has a view of the Great Park.
Throughout Beacon Park and Great Park Neighborhood trees are profound and approximately 800 trees were reclaimed from the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro Base.

Their roots were placed into boxes and taken care of until they were ready to be placed. One of the trees, the huge Ficus Ribiginosa, or Rusty Fig is now living in Beacon Park . This majestic tree stood for decades at the entrance to the Base whereafter it was kept temporarily in a box, labelled #262. Nowadays this tree will provide plenty of shade at Beacon Park .

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