Great Park Neighborhood's
American Eclectic Architecture

18 Sep 2015

Great Park Neighborhood's <br> American Eclectic Architecture

At Beacon Park, we’ve blended the most iconic styles of American architecture to create a neighborhood that celebrates the country’s rich heritage. Beacon Park is open and accessible. Intimate tree-lined streets connect to pedestrian walkways and bike paths that make an evening stroll with the dog or taking the kids down to the park easy and enjoyable. Beacon Park takes the award-winning planning of FivePoint to the next level, offering a diverse array of homes.

By utilizing a diverse range of architectural styles — from Craftsman and Cape Cod to Mid Century Modern and Santa Barbara — we are able to create homes of varied sizes to meet the wide-ranging needs of today’s families. Our 47 unique floor plans span from approximately 1,465 square feet to more than 4,600 square feet.

Through meticulous attention to detail, we bring to life architectural styles that reflect the eclectic, authentic nature of American design. We are deeply committed to upholding the integrity of each type of architecture and work closely with our buildersto create streetscapes that invite residents to walk, explore and get to know each other. Every window, every column, every front porch, every paint color is true to its architectural roots. Warm earth tones of a California ranch home contrast with the clean silhouette and muted hues of a contemporary home. Three-story townhomes are interspersed amongst one- and two-story single family homes, many of which are designed to bring multiple generations under one roof.

These varied forms and styles are not jarring juxtapositions, but a cohesive mixture of the uniquely American architecture found on streets across the nation. Our homes are interspersed with a variety of heritage trees — some more than 50 years old — that have been carefully preserved and nurtured. The blending of mature trees and varied architectural styles gives Beacon Park the presence of a neighborhood that has evolved organically over decades and evokes memories of generations past— while creating a place for future generations to create their own memories.

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