The Orange County Great Park as Your Neighbor
The former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro is being transformed into the first great metropolitan park of the 21st century – The Orange County Great Park. Connected to Great Park Neighborhoods by a network of trails, it’s just a short bike ride away and will span approximately 1,300 acres. The best part is that Great Park Neighborhoods residents get a front-row seat.

Working Together

There’s an innovative public-private partnership at work between the City of Irvine and FivePoint’s partnership (Heritage Fields El Toro, LLC). As part of developing Great Park Neighborhoods, Heritage Fields, with guidance from FivePoint, is enhancing 688 acres of public parkland. What it means to people who live here is having more of the things they love about Irvine, including recreational amenities, trails and bike paths and lots of open space. Delivering on the promise of the Orange County Great Park has required public and private partners to work hand-in-hand to create multiple civic benefits that will be a source of pride and enjoyment for generations of residents.


There’s a lot to do at the Orange County Great Park right now. And there’s so much more to come. The first phase of the Sports Park is now open, with a 5,000-capacity championship stadium; six lighted, grass soccer fields; an additional 6 synthetic turf soccer/lacross fields; 25 tennis courts; 5 sand volleyball courts; 4 basketball courts; and a natural turf flex field that can accommodate soccer fields. Now with a championship baseball and championship softball fields and basketball courts. And there's more to come, like a 1-mile-long stretch from Irvine Boulevard to the Championship Soccer Stadium. When complete, any activity will be fair game.

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More Than Sports

Make sure to experience the already-popular activities that have been there since the beginning, like the Farmers Market, Orange Balloon and carousel. If you’d rather get your energy out dancing, soon you’ll be able to head to the 12,000-seat interim FivePoint Amphitheatre nearby. Of course, we can’t talk about all 1,300 acres in this small space. So you have to come out and experience the Orange County Great Park for yourself. And when you do, we only have one request. Have fun. Lots of it.

More To Do


The Orange County Great Park has numerous classes, art exhibits, sports and fun activities that are currently ongoing. From Farmers Markets and gardening classes to soccer camps and craft events, there’s something for everyone. For a list of upcoming events, visit the Orange County Great Park website.

Event Calendar
Championship Soccer Stadium

Championship Soccer Stadium

A brand-new soccer stadium, offers a field of dreams for both those who play the sport ... and those who cheer them on.

OC Great Park Championship Baseball Stadium

Championship Baseball Stadium

Cheering’s even more fun when it’s done in a shiny new stadium, complete with stands, a dugout, lights and all the bells and whistles.

Championship Soccer Stadium

Championship Softball Stadium

There's nothing like a fresh new field to show off your skills. Seven new baseball and five new softball fields, each with a championship stadium, will make America's favorite pastime even favorite-r. But this Championship Softball Stadium will be the center stage for Irvine softball stars, slow-pitch and fast-pitch alike.

Great Park Ice & FivePoint Arena

OC Great Park Community Soccer OC Great Park Biker
OC Great Park Balloon