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25 Jul 2013

One reason people are drawn to older neighborhoods is they come with well established trees. Residents of the Great Park Neighborhoods will enjoy the best of two worlds: energy-efficient new homes designed for modern living and beautiful mature trees.

Over 600 heritage trees have been rescued from the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station – many of which have already been replanted to shade the gently meandering streets of the first neighborhood, Pavilion Park.

At Great Park Neighborhoods, we were faced with a choice: do the easy thing or do the right thing. So we chose the

right thing. We saved the trees. It was a difficult process of boxing, transporting, nourishing and replanting full-grown

trees weighing many tons each. But the effort was well worth it. These trees will be around for many more years, benefiting our new residents and future generations as well.

  • A single tree can produce nearly 260 pounds of oxygen per year.
  • Trees help contribute to the overall well-being of a community.
  • Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 15-50%.
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