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19 Mar 2014

There’s never a dull moment for residents of Pavilion Park, the first of Orange County’s much-anticipated Great Park Neighborhoods. That’s because a full calendar of special events and activities is planned to enrich the lifestyles of homeowners and their families.

You can meet Pavilion Park’s new Lifestyle Coordinator, Jamie Gomez, at the many upcoming events hosted by Great Park Neighborhoods, like the Friday Night Happenings.

Jamie has extensive experience planning activities for people of all ages, from teenage cruise ship passengers to residents of a senior living facility. In her work with homeowners associations, she has helped create an enthusiastic community spirit and a friendly atmosphere among residents.

An active lifestyle is an everyday advantage for Pavilion Park residents, thanks to a host of neighborhood amenities. The neighborhood’s greenhouse demonstrates how homeowners can easily and efficiently grow vegetables, herbs and other plants in their own home or yard. The Visitor Terrace, which features an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and more, is the site of a variety of social gatherings. Fun-filled recreation unfolds at Pavilion Park’s more than 5-acre park that includes a private swim area, sport courts and expansive lawn. And for kids, the uniquely designed children’s playground offers a variety of playtime classics, including swings, a slide and even a teeter-totter.

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