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Life Will Be Different Here
At the edge of the Orange County Great Park, a unique family of neighborhoods is taking shape. Woven together with walking and biking paths, shaded by grand heritage trees, and served by top-ranking schools. With inspired home designs, rooted in America's great architectural tradition. For anyone seeking a deeper, more meaningful connection to nature and each other, Great Park Neighborhoods is where you will find it. Life will be different here.

It starts with a park

At the heart of each neighborhood is a park. These parks form a network of public green spaces that connect to each other and to the Orange County Great Park. Each one has a unique feel and character, celebrating the different aspects of the diverse land on which they are built. Visit one, visit them all, they’re all yours as a resident at Great Park Neighborhoods.


Every aspect of the neighborhoods have been designed to incorporate bicycling, promote wellness for all ages and provide access to the parks and schools. It starts with every household receiving an orange bike, custom designed and assembled right here in Irvine. Many of our homes are designed to allow for solar panels in addition to other smart systems like tank-less water heaters. And inside the neighborhoods you’ll find greenhouses, gardens, and smart landscaping.

Mixed Use

As Great Park Neighborhoods grows alongside the Orange County Great Park, it is planned to be a vibrant community of connected neighborhoods that will include a broad range of homes, schools, shops, restaurants and offices – all to be explored and discovered on foot or with an orange cruiser.

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Walkable/Bikable Trails

They’re a great way to explore, make new friends and burn off a few calories at the same time. And keep the car in the garage where it belongs. The pathways in Great Park Neighborhoods will make it easy to pedal or stroll over to the neighborhood amenities and the Orange County Great Park. In addition to what’s in the neighborhoods, Orange County boasts more than 1,000 miles of pathways to connect residents.

Heritage Trees

One thing you'll notice right away, along with the relaxed nature of the landscape, is the big trees. We’ve saved and transplanted hundreds of heritage trees, rescued from the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro base and planted them in our neighborhoods.

Home Diversity

Design plays an important role in how a neighborhood feels and in how its residents live. Like America itself, our architecture is an eclectic and colorful mix of influences, spanning many regions and generations, and built for modern living. In addition to a variety of styles, here you’ll find an array of options from single-family detached to condominium style living, at an array of price points too. The plan also includes affordable housing, including Solaira at Pavilion Park, and more under construction.

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Social Connection

We believe that making your neighbors your friends starts with great social programming. Our neighborhood events are the perfect place to start. At Great Park Neighborhoods, we have events from small to big, from fun to educational (which can still be fun, of course). Another way to meet your neighbors? Just walk out your front door. Our homes were designed for you to step out on your porch, play in the front yard, and say hi.

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